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This Chinese Expert Saids Corona Virus Transmitted through the Eyes

Wang Guangfa, respiratory expert in Beijing when interviewed by local media. POKROL - Wuhan medical expert from China believes, ...

Wang Guangfa, respiratory expert in Beijing when interviewed by local media.
POKROL - Wuhan medical expert from China believes, the corona virus that is currently troubling the world can be transmitted through the eye. Wang Guangfa is a popular figure in the medical world of the State of "Panda", where he helped overcome the outbreak of Acute Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003. Respiratory experts at the Peking University's First Hospital in Beijing claimed to be infected with the corona virus, but are now cured.

Reported by SCMP and the Daily Mirror on Friday (1/24/2020), Wang Guangfa said he was infected with the virus when he visited Wuhan two weeks ago. The city, located in Hubei Province, is the origin of the spread of new pathogens with the 2019-nCov code. "I have the energy to surf on WeChat, the internet and text messages, where I am touched by the prayers and hopes of all people," he explained. Wang said, he believed that he was exposed to a disease similar to SARS through transmission in the eyes because he did not wear complete protection. He revealed at the time of the incident, he had been wearing an N95 mask and protective clothing. "But I soon realized I wasn't wearing eye protection," he said.

After returning from Wuhan and returning to Beijing, Wang said he began suffering from conjunctivists in his left eye. About three hours later, he claimed to have a fever and severe inflammation of the mucous membrane. He said at first he thought he had the flu. He decided to try the corona virus test after unsuccessful flu treatments, where the results were positive.

Wang then put forward the assumption, that one of the transmission of pathogens that has spread to 12 countries is through the eyes.

Following up on Wang's claim, experts from the Chinese National Health Commission Li Lanjuan stated, the medical team treating patients must wear goggles. Wang got blasphemed after two weeks ago, he said the spread of the virus could be controlled. However, he himself became ill, with the disease killing 41 people, with the majority occurring in Wuhan and Hubei Province. Wang insisted, the disease could be overcome. But extra work is needed because the situation in Wuhan is different from other areas. He said, the move by the central government to close the Huanan Sea Market, believed to be the first source of the spread of the Wuhan virus, was appropriate. In addition, he also stressed that the virus can be identified, where the process is faster than when handling SARS. (K2501)

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