President Jokowi is talking with Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali in a limited meeting on Friday (1/17/2020) to discuss preparations for the holding of the 2020 U20 World Cup.

POKROL - President Joko Widodo is preparing seven more rules related to the Corruption Eradication Commission.

The President's Special Staff for Early Law Purwono said the seven rules were still being discussed by the team. No one has entered the President's desk yet.

"It's not yet reached the President's desk. There is still a discussion process," Dini said when confirmed, Tuesday (01/21/2020).

Early detailing there are three rules in the form of government regulations (PP), while the other four are in the form of presidential regulations (Perpres).

Three rules in the form of PP are:

1. Appointment of chairpersons and supervisory board members
2. The results of a search and seizure of a criminal act of corruption
3. The transfer of KPK employees to ASN employees The four rules in the form of a presidential regulation are:

  1. Supervision of the eradication of corruption
  2. KPK employees' salaries and benefits

President Joko Widodo previously signed Presidential Regulation No. 91 of 2019 concerning Organs Implementing the Corruption Eradication Commission's Supervisory Board.

Quoted from the official website of the State Secretariat, Monday (1/6/2020), the regulation regulates the supervisory board to form an implementing organ called the KPK Supervisory Board Secretariat. Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung said, President Joko Widodo drafted a number of these rules because they were adjusted to the new KPK Law, namely Law Number 19 of 2019. (K2101)


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